Limited and multifunctional titanium
Some just need a certain standard to be satisfied. Others charge much more. If you fall into the second group, Yumisu has prepared for you a piece of equipment designed directly for comfort and utility aspects. 2050X is an armchair for people who spend more than a few hours a day in a sitting position. The product is designed for both computer workers and gamers. It is made of comfortable foam trimmed with durable black eco-leather. In this aspect, it is worth paying attention to the unique armrests that the chair is equipped with. X-Cross is the answer to all doubts.

Solutions unique on the market
X-Cross is an innovative technology designed for the most demanding users. The armrests consist of four elements, which are adapted to adjust the position both horizontally and vertically. Basically, you can adjust the height, the distance from the seat, the width spacing with them, and also the whole thing is topped off with swivel arm rests, which you can adjust perfectly to your body structure. This is a unique solution available only in Yumisu brand products. Convenience is our theme, and technology allows us to bring it to life.

Robust aluminum and steel construction
Each of the models available from Yumisu is a purchase for years of use. In turn, we make sure that each of the items included in the kits is perfected to the smallest detail. The Yumisu 2050X is a sturdy steel frame set on a durable yet lightweight aluminum base. The seat, as well as the backrest, is cold-molded foam, which adapts to the figure of the sitter. The whole thing, meanwhile, is upholstered in pleasant-to-the-touch, durable synthetic leather.

Comfortable, soft and classy
Each of the Yumisu 2050X armchairs is enriched with the addition of comfortable velour-finished cushions. These, on the other hand, are ideal to be placed just below the head and lumbar region. Each of them is made of the so-called. memory foam, a material that adapts perfectly to the predisposition of each user. The sponge adapts and remembers its owner, so it can perfectly meet the owner’s preferences.
Adjust everything including tilt angle
Yumisu’s 2050X has been enhanced with a very interesting solution in the form of an ergomultiblock mechanism. The technology allows the chair’s position to be locked at any time depending on individual use issues. In addition, you can also rock freely on the seat or set it rigid. It all depends on how we intend to use the chair. Stability is definitely better if you happen to be working. On the other hand, the release of the lock proves to be the most interesting option in case we want to take a moment’s rest from our daily duties.

Quietness, discretion and comfort
The model is equipped with a set of very well thought-out wheels at the base. Why? All the individual ones have been covered with rubber in order not only to protect the surface from damage, but also to mute the sound characteristic of plastic sliding over, for example, a wooden surface. Sometimes a few decibels less is noticeable, and in this aspect swivel seats can be very loud. Yumisu 2050X is the solution if you want to silence a little bit every even the smallest movement while working.

Each of the seats included in the Yumisu brand’s portfolio is based on a similar set of premium materials. We produce only chairs geared to years of regular use. We never go for quantity, but for quality. We place maximum emphasis on the smallest details. There are also no concerns about the durability of each individual component. In practice, each is part of one very well thought-out whole.

Powerful Class 4 actuator
Is this enough to feel 100% safe using the Yumisu 2050X? In practice, even too much. The chair leaves plenty of headroom when it comes to lifting capacity. For what purpose? No one generates an even load while sitting or working at a computer. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a safety valve, which will not only have a significant impact on the life of the chair, but also allow you to enjoy comfort handfuls of daily sessions spent at the edge of the desk. 150 kg in practice allows you to fully enjoy the experience of watching a movie, or they can withstand even a stronger bounce resulting from stress. Yumisu 2050X is your companion during the arduous crunch. Don’t forget about it!

Dreams of freedom 100%
Have you ever needed to lie down comfortably for a quarter of an hour at work? However, around you lack a decent bed or even a couch? Excellent! Why not equip the chair with such a feature? Seems too good to be true? Well, the Yumisu 2050X allows you to comfortably recline in a semi-reclining position. 165 degrees of incline is more than satisfactory in such a settlement. You can unlock the ergomultiblock at any time and allow yourself a short nap during a break from work. Tempting? More than you can imagine!

X-Cross armrests

Technology is the foundation of comfort
Are you having trouble buying basic office equipment? If so, then you certainly place a very high emphasis not only on the design of the end results, but also on issues typically related to utility value. This is especially true for furniture that you use for most of the day.
X-Cross armrests are a solution composed of four functional elements. Each armrest can be adjusted to fit your body shape. How? They can be positioned vertically and horizontally as desired. All four parts rotate and unfold in height or width. In practice, anyone can adjust the distance from the seat, the spacing, and the whole thing to suit their needs, thanks to them. The armrests are topped with swivel arm rests, which will provide ideal support for the arms during longer sessions spent at the computer. This is an innovative technology developed for Yumisu. The brand produces the few seats equipped with a solution of this type on the market. Convenience is the theme, and our technology allows us to bring it to life.

Backrest height

85 cm

Min. seat height

48 cm

Max seat height

56 cm

Seat width

54 cm

Seat depth

52 cm


PU leather


Memory Foam



Max load

150 kg

Backrest tilt angle





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