Simplicity and elegance at the forefront.

Calmness, composure, stability. It’s hard to keep these features with chasing deadlines, but it’s safe to attribute them to Yumisu. Subdued design, focusing on simplicity with maximum attention to detail. Sure to match your focus and precision

All under your arms!

Full control of this is a must – whether we’re talking about separating key tasks or a case as mundane as adjusting armrests. Here, too, you can count on quite a lot of options and levels: up/down, front/back, as well as move them in and out of the seat, plus left and right. Yes, we certainly didn’t leave anything out!

Solid foundation

Evidence of attention to detail? Take a close look at the design of the frame, which is made of unalloyed steel, while the whole is filled with cold foam casting. On top of that, the base has gained aluminum reinforcement. Unlike you – she will definitely put up with any overtime without grimacing!

Support on call

Any long sessions in front of the computer should not be your concern, and thus – the accompanying pains. The latter is virtually impossible – all thanks to the cushions. One right at the nape of the neck, the other in the lumbar region, which adjusts to the shape of the back. They will definitely thank you!

Throw in

When the dust settles, at least for a while, and key emails land in the ‘Sent’ folder, then you can certainly allow yourself a bit of slack. All this thanks to the ergomultiblock mechanism. Bend the back of the chair to your liking and lock the most comfortable position for you. Also, don’t hesitate to adjust the rocking resistance. Mountain? Bottom? There you go!

Ninja discretion

Large rubberized wheels (60mm) give a solid footing on the ground, as well as ease of handling when you will need to instantly interact with a distant printer.
All this in a silent and stealthy mode – so that with unnecessary noise you do not lose your reputation in the office.

Tailored for PRO

The quality of the Yumisu’s upholstery does not differ in refinement from the rest of the chair. The leather and materials used will withstand even the most intense cycle
design, along with multiple trips for coffee. All this is due to high resistance to abrasion. Try it out!

Titan of work

Great design is also followed by practicality of use in battle. “Living” proof is the actuator used here. You may want to test it in cooperation with accounting binders, in any case, we can proudly tell you that it can withstand the “caliber” of 150 kg.

Deadline or chillout? Will adjust!

Without restricting movement and also without rigid construction. Whether you’re in the middle of a design cyclone or you can allow a gentle shut-eye, adjust the fully adjustable backrest to suit your current needs. At the forefront is certainly ergonomics and your convenience.

Weight29,8 kg
Package dimension

900x700x370 mm

Backrest height

86 cm

Min. seat height

49 cm

Max. seat height

55 cm

Seat width

54 cm

Overall width

70 cm

Seat depth

54 cm


PU leather



Max, load

150 kg

Backrest tilt angle



Memory Foam




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