Solid construction

Deadline on an important project or saving the world is not a light piece of bread. So, since big issues rest on our shoulders, we need a solid structure that can withstand it all. That’s why we opted for a load capacity of up to 150 kilograms. Would less be enough? Perhaps, but if we can provide you with safety of use thanks to the massive frame, we will not hesitate for a moment.

Fits everywhere

Why is there a little black dress in every woman’s closet? Because it goes with everything. Yumisu 2053 is just such a little black. Whether you put it in an office with a mahogany finish or a gaming cave glowing from RGB leds, it will find itself perfectly there.

Adjustable in multiple dimensions

It takes a different pose to precisely eliminate enemies on the map or write back emails, and another to lazily wield your empire. That’s why we put in your hands countless combinations when it comes to setting the height of the seat, the angle of the backrest and the exact adjustment of the armrests. Let’s leave the uncomfortable thrones to the poorly ending series.

Pillows for health and comfort

Not only comfort, but also performance and, most importantly, health, depend on pillows. Therefore, our cushions have been properly contoured to take care of the correct posture during use. They are made of memory foam, which adapts to the shape of the body, and covered with velour that is pleasant to the touch. They will make your chair like a tailor-made suit.

Noiseless and stable in all conditions

The advantages of using rubber wheels are many. First of all, they are therefore quieter and do not damage the floor, while allowing you to drive easily. In turn, their spacing has been thought out so that even the maximum tilt does not involve a spectacular back flip.

Buddy material

The high quality material used to upholster the chair is both smooth, durable and, importantly, provides excellent air circulation. Underneath it, in turn, is a filling of cold molded foam, extremely resistant to deformation. All of this makes the Yumisu 2053 all the more appealing to sit on, and you can do so without fear of wearing out too quickly.

Weight25,3 kg



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